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help > prayers > avenger
Prayer       :   Avenger
Class        :   Paladin
Cost         :   150 (not adjustable)
Casting time :   10 rounds
Spell type   :   Magical weapon
Syntax       :   pray avenger

The Avenger is a mighty weapon which is gifted to the paladin by
their patron god.  The Avenger gains in abilities through kills,
and in power based on the paladins standing with their god.

The Avenger requires the utmost devotion to learn how to channel
its awesome power and thus your standing must be 5000 to gain
this ability.

To calculate your standing, type 'standing' and add pks, npcs and
(tithes / 1000).  For example, tithes of 1 million + 1000 npcs
would be a standing of 2000.

This ability will be auto granted upon logon after you have a
standing of 5000 or higher.

You can set the weapon type to sword or 2-hsword using setenv.
Example: setenv paladin_avenger 2

The avenger defaults to a type "sword" if not specified or something
invalid is chosen (such as "dagger").  Only sword (1) and 2-hsword
(2) are valid weapons for the avenger.  Either the word or the
number can be used.

You can use the 'avenger desanc' command while wielding the avenger
to strip your enemies of protection against your holy rage.