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BLUE DRAGON (dragon subclass)
A Blue Dragon is a strong and powerful dragon.  Most Blue Dragons
would rather kill you where you stand than give you a moment to voice 
your cause.  Although not as adept in the ways of active physical combat
as say a Red Dragon, Blues are quite capable of dishing out their fair
share of damage.  Losing the skill tail, a Blue Dragon gains the ability
of welling up a fearsome static charge inside thier bodies, this electric
charge damages any combatant foolhardy enough to stand toe-to-toe with the
Great Wyrm.  As a side effect of their impressive use of electricity, the
Blue Dragon has become quite weak to the effects of Drain damage.  Many an
adventurer has underestimated the power of the Blue Dragon, only to find
himself on the business end of a lightning bolt.

See also - "help dragon"
See also - "help skills <skillname>"
Blue Dragons have the following skils:

armour		    weaponry		   attacking  	 	  awareness
toughness	    breathe		   combat		  resistance
electrify	    flight		   quickheal		  intimidate
Blue Dragons have the following resistance adjustments:

Shock                           : +25
Drain                           : -20
Blue Dragon stats:

Strength			: 180
Dexterity			: 40
Intelligence			: 80
Constitution			: 100
Blue Dragons have the following skill adjustments:

awareness                 : +40

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