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help > songs > overwhelm
Song         :     Overwhelm
Class        :     Shaman
Cost         :     30 (non-adjustable) + 2 prima materia
Skill Type   :     Active
Casting time :     1 round
Difficulty   :     Level 1
Syntax       :     sing overwhelm [<prima materia>] [<target>]
Examples     :     sing overwhelm caldur greshna
                   sing overwhelm dhucra demotry

     All being is sustained at its root by prima materia.  However,
this state of being is a delicate one, thrown into chaos by the
addition or subtraction of prima materia.  Using this ritual, the
Shaman may, in a sense, overload a foe with excessive amounts of
materia.  This extra amount will bear down and crush the target's
being.  At first, the target will notice very little, but as the
excessive materia lingers, it will do more and more damage.

MATERIA AFFINITIES (least to greatest):
sokhun, yolondu, roagmo, vachopo, langir, efantig, omatim
See also: help materia, help song channel