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help > skills > poison
Skill        :   Poison
Class        :   Ninja
Cost         :   20 sp
Skill Type   :   Active
Casting Time :   Instant
Difficulty   :   Level 0
Stats Base   :   Mostly Intelligence
Syntax       :   do poison [<weapon>, <blade>]
Examples     :   do poison
             :   do poison blade
             :   do poison weapon
             :   do poison sword
             :   do poison dagger
Using your ninja knowledge, you can prepare your blade
with poison. You have to wield a weapon with an edge,
such as a dagger or a sword. 
Unused poison will evaporate after awhile, so you should
apply it right before you go into combat.
The poison will deal damage for a several seconds before the
body will overcome the effects.

The poison does not stack but when the game is at peace can
be applied a limited number of times per skill activation and evaporates
after a time if not applied.

When at war your weapon can only apply poison once per activation
of the skill.

The poison is twice as deadly under an assassination thus number
of uses during peace time decreases twice as quickly.
Ninjas will not start to train this skill until they reach
level 14.