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help > skills > mark
Skill           : Mark
Class           : Crusader
Cost            : 20
Casting Time    : 1
Stat Base       : Intelligence
Syntax          : do mark <type> <target>
                  do mark [crusader only, applies buffs to self]
                  do mark damnation federov
                  do mark fanaticism indel
                  do mark protection kirin
                  do mark ostracism eeyore

A crusader can burn a divine sigil into a being letting all those know
the fate of such a being.  With the mark of damnation, the victim
becomes less able to defend his vile self from attack.  With the mark
of ostracism, the victim becomes a meek and sickly target, impairing
his ability to resist death.  With the mark or protection, the target
gains divine protection in the form of defense and intimidation.
The divine mark of fanaticism marks the soldiers of the Gods,
giving them extra attacks and power to smite their foes.

A crusader may mark themselves and receives the benefits of both protection
and fanaticism irregardless of which mark they choose.