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help > skills > faerie breathe
Skill        :   Faerie Breathe
Class        :   Faerie Dragon
Cost         :   15 (not adjustable)
Casting time :   1 round
Difficulty   :   Level 1
Stats Base   :   Mostly Int, some Dex and Con
Syntax       :   do faerie breathe <type> <target>
                 do faerie breathe <type>
Example      :   do faerie breathe sadness billy
                 do faerie breathe anger

A faerie dragon has the ability to breathe forth a jet of mist
that contains various pheromones and chemicals in it to cause
the victim to experience certain "feelings."

Anger: Causes the target to fly into a rage such that they
will not willingly leave combat and will pursue those they
are fighting with great anger. Temperatures rise as someone
is overcome with anger. This breath does fire damage.

Fear: Causes the target to experience a powerful fear that
will leave them fleeing in panic from attacks. Note: Creatures
that are immune to fear will not be affected by this. Fear overwhelms
a foe who is afraid. This breath does psychic damage.

Sadness: Causes the target to experience a crushing depression
that will make them stop fighting and prevent them from 
performing some hostile actions.

Note: Certain beings have an inherent resistance to feeling
emotions (such as undead) and will therefore be more strongly
resistant to the faeriedragon's breath weapon.

Faerie Breathe is increased by 15% if the room is faerie misted.