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help > skills > camouflage
Skill        :   Camouflage
Class        :   Hunter      
Cost         :   0 (non-adjustable)
Skill Type   :   Active
Casting time :   0
Stats Base   :   Mostly Dexterity, Some Intelligence
Difficulty   :   0
Syntax       :   do camouflage    
Examples     :   do camouflage
                 do camouflage (to remove)

The wilderness is the domain of the Hunter.  By using this skill, a 
Hunter may camouflage himself so as to be concealed while 
traversing natural terrain.  While in natural terrain, the Hunter 
is effectively stealthed.  Natural terrains include: forest, hills,
mountains, plains, jungle, cultivated, underground, arctic, desert,
water, underwater, swamp, air, and shore.  Rooms that do not have
at least one of these terrains will render the Hunter's camouflage
completely ineffective there.

Camouflage will come on automatically at login unless you type
"setenv no_camo 1".