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Mages are the wielders of magic on Tsunami.  They dazzle and 
amaze the non-magic users of the realm with their spells and 
tricks.  Mages start off weak, and are a challenge to raise. 
But the hard work pays off when reaching high levels, when
they truly become powerful.  Along the way, though, they will
have to suffer with limited choices of weapons and only
non-metal armour.
Once you pick mage, you will have only the most basic of spells.
You must pick a subclass in the Mage's Guild, to get a larger,
more useful set of spells.
More information is available on these subclasses in the subclass
selection room of the Mage's Guild:
From CoT, 2e, 5s, 4w, 4s, w, up, in.
Choices of mage types and their damage types are:
Class        :  Damage type
Chaosmage    :  It's Chaos... Who can tell?
Wu-Jen       :  Customizable
Chronomancer :  Time manipulation
Enchanter    :  Increased combat, fire, cold, poison, electricity
Illusionist  :  Mind tricks
Necromancer  :  Black magic
Witch        :  Curses
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