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The horror class, similar to the monster class, is both a race and a
class, and not all members of the class have the same abilities.  In
general, though, horrors are noted for their natural weaponry and
armour; horrors cannot wear normal armours, and are not terribly
effective with normal weapons. Very few shops will sell to horrors,
and horrors tend to be poisoned by alcohol. Horrors are related to
monsters, but are much more horrific and bestial, inspiring terror
in those who even encounter them.
Picking a species will give them additional abilities beyond those of
a base horror, and occasionally will remove abilities as well.

As with the other guilds of non-humans, the majority of shops will 
charge a fee to buy items and other goods to members of the Horror 

The Horror guild can be found by traveling the below route from
the center of mainland town:

        4e, sail middle earth, 5e, n, ne, n, ne, n, nw, d

Horror species (subclasses): Aurumvorax, Beholder, Hydra, Manticore,
Mindflayer, Ooze, Spider, Worm, Scorpion