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help > skills > wine making
Skill        :  Wine Making
Class        :  Monk
Cost         :  100
Casting Time :  10
Stats Base   :  int
Syntax       :  do wine making
Example      :  do wine making

Monks believe in the simple life and thus they would
never be found using pub drinks. They do so love a
good hardy swig of a special brew they make in the monastery.
A monk is not permitted to partake in the finer things of
life until they have proven themselves worthy.  Hence a monk
can not make wine till later in life.

Once a monk takes a swig they will auto stance into the
drunken fighting stance.  See <help stance drunken>.  A
drunken monk is a formidable foe.

In order to make wine the monk must purchase a jug 
from the monk monastery.  The monastery can be found in
the cleric guild.