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Skill        :   Totem Pole
Class        :   Shaman      
Cost         :   40 (non-adjustable) + 3 prima materia
Skill Type   :   Active
Casting time :   3 rounds
Stats Base   :   Dexterity, Intelligence
Difficulty   :   Level 3
Syntax       :   do totem pole [<prima materia>] <animal>
Examples     :   do totem pole sokhun lion
                 do totem pole efantig armadillo

     Totem poles have long been a source of both inspiration and
confrontation in Native culture.  Shamans have practiced the art of
designing and constructing totems for ages, carving animal-like
faces in the pole and imbuing it with the power of prima materia.
When constructed, the power within these totems will affect not only
the room it is placed in, but also surrounding rooms.  Please note
that it will take a little bit of time for the power of the prima
materia to flow into surrounding rooms.

     To this day, six types of animal designs have been known to 
appear on these totems:

Armadillo - All allies in the affected area gain increased armor
      Bat - All non-allies have a chance of experiencing hindered
            vision in the affected area.
     Bear - All allies in the area gain increased resistance.
     Lion - All non-allies have a chance to be terrified and flee
            when entering the affected area.
 Tortoise - All non-allies have a chance of experiencing hindered
            movement in the affected area.
Wolverine - All allies experience standard regeneration in
            the affected area.

     Certain materia are better utilized than others when
combined with a certain animal type.

     Some rooms are immune to the effects of totem poles.  Totem
poles may also be attacked.  A Shaman may destroy his totem pole
by using "destroy totem" in the room in which it is located.

     As with all Shaman rituals, one must remember that prima
materia has a will of its own.  Therefore, unexpected results may 
sometimes occur.  Furthermore, Shamans are often required to
experiment with different prima materia to discover which are best
suited to empower a given ritual.

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