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help > skills > mandala
Skill        :  Mandala
Class        :  Monk
Cost         :  25 to set, 20 for each boost
Casting Time :  5
Stats Base   :  Int
Syntax       :  do mandala <might, agility, fortitude,
                wisdom, defiance, inspiration>

The mandala skill allows a monk to create and then focus on
a mandala of power.  The longer the monk focuses on the
mandala the more benefit they gain.  The mandala is created
in a given room.  Once the monk leaves the mandala will
fade.  In addition to benefiting the monk, the mandala will
also benefit all Shaolin who are in the room with the mandala.

The following are valid mandala:
   Might       : Increased strength
   Agility     : Increases dexterity
   Fortitude   : Increases constitution
   Wisdom      : Increases intelligence
   Defiance    : Increases defensive power
   Inspiration : Inspiration in battle