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help > skills > decapitate
Skill        :   Decapitate
Class        :   Vampire
Cost         :   20 (not adjustable)
Casting time :   Instant
Stats Base   :   Strength
Syntax       :   do decapitate <target>
Examples     :   do decapitate qwert

Decapitate is as it's name suggest a skill to rip off the head
of your opponent.  It is however not as easy as it sounds.  As it
has several requirements.

First, you can only do it against a damaged opponent. The more
damage the higher your chances are at succeeding.

second, you can not decapitate someone who is more than one size
category larger than you.

Third, Decapitate might not work so well against some non-humanoid
creatures. Effect vary greatly against those.
See also: skills