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help > skills > chiankyo
Skill           :   Chiankyo
Class           :   Shikaku
Skill Type      :   Active (Empowered skill)
Cost            :   40 + 5 sp per power level
Casting Time    :   Instant
Syntax          :   do chiankyo <power level>
Example         :   do chiankyo 4
                    do chiankyo available

Minimum charge  :   1
Stat            :   Dex and Con

When the shikaku activates this skill she shrouds herself
in a supernatural aura that has the ability to absorb
the vital energy her enemies loose in combat and transfer
part of it to the shikaku.

Chiankyo heals the shikaku when she is in combat and
the amount healed depends on the damage she does during 
the combat rounds this skill is active. 
This skill does not damage her targets in any way.

The more charges you spend, the longer the effect will
last. It has no impact on the amount healed since it
is only based on the amount of damage the shikaku does 
to her enemies. This skill will not heal you if you do 
not enter combat.

To activate this skill the shikaku must have at least
one charge on her energy bar.

If the <available> argument is given, the shikaku will
spend all her charges on this empowered skill.