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help > skills > charge
Skill        :   Charge
Classes      :   Knight, Unicorn, Changeling (boar form)
Cost         :   20 sp to attack
             :   1 sp per room moved (10 maximum)
Skill Type   :   Active
Casting Time :   Instant
Difficulty   :   Level 1
Stats Base   :   Str and Dex
Syntax       :   do charge <direction> at <target>
Example      :   do charge north at joe
                 do charge at joe
                 do charge north

The basic idea of charge is to quickly move towards a target, and
attack it.  If no target is given, you will not attack.  Conversely,
if there is a target corresponding to the name closer than maximum 
chargeable distance, you will stop and attack when you reach that 
target.  It takes 7 rooms to hit full speed, and you can only charge 
a maximum of 10 rooms at a time.

Performing a charge attack requires specialized weaponry.  You must
either have the natural weapons for charging or be wielding a
polearm or spear.  The type of damage done by charge is dependant 
on what weapon you use.

If your target is aggressive towards you, the charge will only work 
correctly if you manage to intimidate him with your charge.  If you 
do not, you will simply enter combat with him again, without 
actually charging him.  

After a successful charge, your victim will be momentarily unable to
move, and his ability to fight will be reduced temporarily.

See skills: polearm, ride, spear, steed