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|The Gods of Many Faces                                                   |
|The Gods of Many Faces were late, and strong Powers to arrive in our     |
|Realms.  They are sometimes called the Ten Thousand Gods, and work       |
|through many animal spirits and forms.  It is unknown how many Powers    |
|they truly are, only that they arrive to aid their faithful in such      |
|diverse forms as six-armed women with three faces and a snake's tail for |
|legs, or as a giant white elephant trampling down legions of infidels.   |
|									  |
|The Gods of Many Faces are among the most closely tied with their        |
|followers since there seems to be a God for everything to their          |
|followers.  One to watch over the hearth fire, the hearth, the bricks,   |
|the mortar, and even the soot in the mortar.                             |
|									  |
|The Gods of Many Faces have taken hold especially in the Edotian Islands.|
|The strange and terrible Gods of Many Faces are brilliant, and ruthless  |
|in their pursuit of the Jihad.  They value freedom and individuality     |
|above all else.  It in their tenants that each being in the Universe was |
|made manifest by the Universe for it to better understand itself in all  |
|its infinite aspects, and thus, each being should be free to pursue its  |
|individual path in order to aid the Universe in understanding itself.    |
|And yet, these mysterious Gods hold certain universal truths to be       |
|absolute.  Those of love, honor, duty and family.  Servitude is generally|
|seen as a great path towards Wisdom, but servitude taken voluntarily by  |
|the Servant, and with humble graciousness by the Master.                 |
|									  |
|If the Gods of Many Faces should triumph in the Jihad, a civilization    |
|with no written laws would govern where each would be free to choose his |
|path, but tradition and an unspoken code of honor would govern each being|
|in its heart as it strives for perfection in form, movement, and spirit. |
|									  |
|									  |
|                               To this Writ I set my Hand,               |
|                               Jarrod Melshimber, Servant of Truth,      |
|                               Witness of the Ages, and                  |
|                               Seer of Kyldiss.                          |