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help > wield
Command: wield
Argument: item

Wield a weapon.  You are assumed to be only carrying items when you first get
them, not actively using them.  Only certain items (like swords, knives, etc.)
can be wielded.  Unfortunately, not every class may wield all weapons.
When you aren't able to wield a weapon, either due to class limits or
other restrictions, you'll be told as such.
To wield a weapon, you need to have a certain strength score.
The required strength depends on the weight of the weapon, and is calculated
by taking the weight of the weapon, subtracting 1, and multiplying the result
by 10. For example, to wield a weapon that weighs 7, you need to have
60 strength or more. To wield a weapon that weighs 5, you need a
strength of 40 or more.
Offwield weapons require twice the strength.

Some items are just too flimsy or weak to use as weapons, such as small thin
sticks, etc.
See also: help wear, help get, help give, help drop