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help > spells > gate
Spell        :   Gate
Class        :   Wu-Jen
Sphere       :   Spirit
Level        :   3
Cost         :   30 (adjusted by modifier)
Spell Type   :   Teleportation
Casting Time :   3 rounds
Syntax       :   cast gate <modifier> <name/target>
                 cast gate <modifier> setdest <name>
                 cast gate <modifier> cleardest <name>
                 cast gate <modifier> nuke dests
Examples     :   cast gate harry
                 cast gate cleardest ninjafly
                 cast gate -20 fly
                 cast gate cleardest demon
The gate spell allows the caster to teleport to other locations on
the mud.  The caster can teleport to places that he/she has impressed
upon his/her memory.  He or she can do this by entering a room, then
type: "cast gate setdest <name>", where the "<name>" is a word with 8
characters or less that he/she can use to keep track of a particular
a location.  Once a location is memorized, the caster can return to
it (provided the spell is cast successfully) by typing: "cast gate
To get a list of the gate locations one has memorized, just type:
"cast gate" without any argument.  Memorized gate locations are saved
with the caster's character and are not erased when the game shuts
down, but these locations are not available during wars.
As the caster gets older, his/her memory will fade, and some of the
gate destinations memorized may be forgotten.  The caster will
then be required to journey to those locations and memorize with
the procedure mentioned above.
One can only memorize a limited number of gate destinations at any
one time.  However, as one increases in level, he/she will be able to
memorize more gate destinations.  To deliberately forget gate
destinations that one may no longer need, use "cast gate cleardest
<name>".  To forget ALL of the caster's gate destinations (to start
over, basically) one can use "cast gate nuke dests".
The caster can also gate to a specific person or active monster using
the syntax "cast gate <name>", where <name> is name of a player or a
npc monster.  For example, "cast gate mephisto" would teleport the
caster to someone named "mephisto", provided mephisto was currently
in the game.  The chance for success of such a gate is modified by
the target's resistance.  High resistances in comparison to the
caster's gate skill level will decrease his/her chance of successful
The use of positive or negative sp modifiers will increase or
decrease the caster's chance of success, with the total sps used
being adjusted by the modifiers.
See also: help modifiers, help spell summon