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help > prayers > legion
Prayer: Legion
Class: Diabolist
Cost: 15 per demon summoned
Casting Time: 5
Syntax: pray legion
pray legion banish

Diabolists are sometimes granted a demonic legion to assist in their dark journeys. These demons consist of the lowest ranks of the overlords brood, so their power is quite minimal. Even though these demons are low ranking, they share similar qualities of all demons, such as fickle nature. When a demonling feels he has carried out his required duty, he will abandon his earthly master.

The lords of the diabolist are wont to assign more than one horde of demonlings to a minion at once. Whether this be out of fear of losing power, or a test for the servant, only the dark patron knows.

Diabolists are able to banish the demons they summon if they so choose.