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help > prayers > animal
Prayer: Animal
Class: Preserver
Cost: 10 * power of animal called
Praying time: Varies, depends on power of animal called
Prayer type: Summoning servant
Syntax: pray animal <raven|wolf|tiger|bear>
Example: pray animal raven
pray animal tiger

The animal prayer summons an animal of the wild to aid a druid in his or her adventure. The time required to complete the prayer depends upon the power of the animal being summoned. The higher the animal's power is, the longer it will take, and the more spell points it will cost. In terms of power, the raven is the weakest (for low level druids) and the bear is the strongest. After the call to the wild, the druid also have to wait for a short period of time for the animal to arrive.

Here is a list of useful commands for controlling the animal

petpet your animal
call <animal name>call your animal to you
releasesend your animal back to the wild
animal waittell your animal to wait in the room
animal followtell your animal to follow you
animal look or glancesee through your animal's eyes
animal briefput your animal's vision in BRIEF mode!
animal statusgives you the status of your animal
animal take <item>
animal drop <item>
animal give all money to <name>

Generally, the syntax "animal <command>" should work.

This prayer can only be performed outdoors.