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help > warhints
Here are a few basic things one should know in order to be
effective in war. There are several commands that are essential
to get kills and/or win a war:

Alive: The 'alive' command gives a listing of everyone currently
alive and active in the war, including name, level, class, and
team (if appropriate).

Targets: The 'targets' command shows a listing of living players
who you can attack AND who can attack you. Note that you can
always attack someone larger than you who isn't on your targets
list (provided they aren't on your team), but it isn't

List: By typing 'list', a list of items you can buy will
show on your screen. These items can be used in war for
various purposes such as instantly transporting to a target,
healing yourself, or even trapping a target in a room for
a short amount of time.

Buy: To "purchase" one of the items from the list command,
simply type 'buy #' with # replaced by the number of the
item. For example, 'buy 1' would purchase tetsu-bishi
(caltrops). Once you have purchased the item, you can
'look' at it to determine the proper command for usage.
Note that you have a limited number of purchase points,
so use them wisely.

Locate: The locate command is most useful in a field war.
By typing 'locate' plus a target's name (i.e. 'locate billy'),
you gain an idea of how far and in which direction that
person is from you on the battlefield. You may also locate
the vortex in a field war to determine where it has moved to
(see the 'Go' command). See also 'help locate.'

Go: Go is only useable in the vortex for wars. In a field war,
there is a "Swirling Vortex" that wanders about the battlefield,
while in a mud war the vortex is stationary. The vortex allows
a player to be instantly transported to any other player in war
for free (i.e. 'go frederick'). In a field war, the vortex moves
and must be tracked to reach it. In a mud war, the vortex is
stationary and is always located at 2E, 5S, 2E, 6S, 3E, 2N from
COT, or simply 3E, 2N from the small sign on Tsunami Island.
Once the vortex is used to move to the desired player, you
must either walk back to the vortex, or you may enter the
temporary vortex that forms in the room you land in. The cost,
however, for entering the temporary vortex is 35 sp. See also
'help vortex.'

See also: "war", "war2", "war3", "vortex" and "locate"