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help > waritems
=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-==-=-=-= WAR ITEMS =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-==-=-=-=
  During wars, you may purchase special items to use in your attempt 
  to kill other players and win the war!  You simple type "list" to 
  see what is available and how many points you have to purchase the 
  items.  Then 'buy #', where the # corresponds to the item you wish
  to purchase.  Below is a short description of the various items 
  you may purchase.


   1. Tetsu-Bishi               5 Points
      Commonly called a "caltrop", these will trap a player in the 
      room, although you may freely walk over them.  Flying players
      can ignore these, "scatter" or "throw" them.

   2. Gate Scroll               5 Points
      You may "gate" to another player.

   3. Hunting Net               5 points
      The net can trap a single player despite flight skills.

   4. Troll's Tear              5 Points
      Crushing the Troll's Tear will remove any peacing effects you 
      may be suffering.

   5. Harp of Soothing          10 points
      The harp will soothe all aggressive players in the room by "play harp".

   6. Summon Scroll             10 Points
      You may "summon" another player to your location.

   7. Location Tracker          10 Points
      This item will constantly relay the directions you need to move 
      in order to track down your target!

   8. Brooch of Storing         10 Points
      You can store up to 100 sps in the Brooch, and then 'use' the 
      brooch to regain them.  The Brooch may be used only once.

   9. Scroll of Protection      10 points
      You may "ward" yourself versus a specific class of player in the
      war.  You gain a resistance and toughness benefit.  Note that
      you may only use one Scroll of Protection per war.

  10. 40 Pt Heal                15 Points
      This will heal you 40 Hps/Sps, nonhumanoids get 1/2.

  11. Balm of Gilead            15 Points
      The balm will heal you 100 Hps/Sps over time, but will wear off if
      you are attacked.  Nonhumanoids get full benefit.

  12. Powder of Cleansing       15 points
      The powder will remove all positive and negative effects from 
      skills/spells/songs etc.  This does not include peace.

  13. Vortex Scroll             10 Points
      This will transport you to the Vortex!
  14. Wings of Flight           20 Points
      Grant the wearer the powers of flight when worn.

  15. Belt of the Savage        30 Points
      Grants +combat based on level when worn.

  16. Mantle of the Magii       20 Points
      Grants +resistance based on level when worn.

  17. Lens of Perception        20 Points
      Grants +awareness based on level when worn.

  18. 100 Pt Heal               30 Points
      This will heal you 100 Hps/Sps, nonhumanoids get 1/2.

  19. Boots of Speed            30 Points
      The boots will allow you to travel at normal rate, even while

  20. Resurrection Amulet       75 points
      This amulet, will break upon your death, bringing you back to life, 
      and healing you 200 Hps/Sps.  Nonhumanoids get full benefit.  Don't 
      forget to "wear" it!

  21. Torch of Purity           5 points
      A magic torch to provide light.

  22. Globe of Midnight         5 points
      A magic dark globe that emits darkness.