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help > spells > glyph
Spell		:     Glyph
Class		:     Enchanters
Cost		:     20
Component       :     Blindness  sand, brown mold
                      Disease    peat, cobweb
Casting Time	:     2
Syntax          :     cast glyph +10 <type> <target>

An Enchanter may harness the mystical energies
of the land, and inscribe a Glyph of Power upon the
ground.  This Glyph is a magical trap of great power.
The use of a Glyph is considered to be an aggressive
act, and so beware the consequences. 

Note:  You may specify a target, and if that target is
present, the glyph will discharge on the target.
Otherwise, it will discharge on the first person in 
the room, or the first person to enter the room.

Blindness :   Renders the subject blind.
Disease   :   Inflicts a painful disease