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help > prayers > soulseal
Skill        :   Soulseal
Class        :   Babau
Cost         :   75
Casting Time :   5
Stats Base   :   Religion
Cooldown     :   1 hour
Syntax       :   pray soulseal

A Babau can create a seal around its soul, empowering it with the
help of the Blood Lords so that if it falls in battle the Babau may
live on.  Once slain in battle a Babau whose soul was sealed
will find that they do not immediately become ghosts, instead
presiding over their corpse awaiting the proper time to return to
their bodies.  As their corpse moves (such as carried by a player) 
so does the Babau and in this form the Babau is unable to issue
a single command other than 'return' to return to life.  After a
short period the soul of the Babau must return to their body or
risk being cast back to the Abyss as a failure, much to the 
displeasure of the Blood Lords.

Once returned to their body, the Babau essentially resurrects
with some of their health and spell points, relative to the level
of the soulseal.

Beware, adventurer, if the corpse of a Babau is eaten and their
soul remains on this place of existence then grave consequences may
occur to the consumer.  Clever adventurers have found that burying
a Babau's corpse is a way to avoid this as a precautionary measure.
The act of burying the corpse, additionally, binds the Babau to
that location until they return to their body.

The higher the level of the soulseal the longer the Babau can 
retain their incorporeal form.  Additionally, the level effects
the damage done to consumers of the Babau's corpse and also
relates to the amount of health/spell points the Babau returns
with when they materialize.