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help > prayers > reckoning
Skill        :   Reckoning
Class        :   Babau
Cost         :   50
Casting Time :   5
Stats Base   :   Religion
Cooldown     :   5 hours
Syntax       :   pray reckoning
             :   pray reckoning vance

Storing the captured souls of those the Babau has slain in battle,
the Babau can summon them back to the material plane to serve
its bidding.  The Babau can pick the soul or choose one at random
(no arguments).  The soul comes back in the same form as before,
forced to serve its devilish slayer and captor.  The level of the
summoned soul will be the same as the level of the being when it was
slain but no bigger than the Babau itself.

Note: Reckoning does not consume the stored soul

See also: 'help spells familiar' for commands available
In addition to the list of commands available to all familiars, your
reckoning also has the following special commands:

flogic       - Turns your reckonings logic on and off.  Default is on.

See also: 'help souls' for information on Souls