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help > forms > wyvern
Form           :   Wyvern
Level          :   19
Upkeep         :   3 (45sp minimum to retain form)
Cost           :   (1000)
Piety          :   40
Armours        :   Amulet, Other, Eyewear
Weapons        :   None
Skills         :   Toxin, Sting, Venomcloud, Envenom, Flight
Syntax         :   shift wyvern

An incarnation of the quickness of Nature.  Somewhat similar in appearance 
to their dragon bred cousins, there the similarities end.  The changeling 
prefers to engage their enemy, rather then striking from ambush and 
slithering among trees.  Their scorpion like tails strike with pinpoint 
accuracy and crushing force, injecting their victims with a burning toxin 
that is known to break even the most stalwart mages concentration.  Their 
toxic breath seeps inside of any armour and slowly melts the flesh from the 
bones of the defilers while choking them on the noxious fumes.

Wyvern have the following resistance adjustments:
Poison         : +30%