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help > forms > balrog

Form           :   Balrog
Level          :   19+4
Upkeep         :   Random 7 (75sp minimum to retain form)
Cost           :   (3000)
Piety          :   70
Shift Time     :   4 Turns 
Armours        :   Amulet, Other, Eyewear, Cloak, Ring, Armour
Weapons        :   FlameBlade
Skills         :   Immolate, Emblaze, Offhand
Syntax         :   shift balrog

An incarnation of the rage of Nature, the balrog
is the most feared of all the Changelings forms.  Its
massive Blades of Flame strike with stunning force, and
the Balrog's own flame breathe can boil water...inside skin!
The most difficult of all forms to maintain, its power is
unmatched by any other creature in nature.

Balrogs have the following resistance adjustments:

Cold           : -30%
Holy           : -20%