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|Everen, the Goddess of Light                                         |
|Everen was one of the first Powers to appear in the Realms after the |
|end of the second Age.  Her kind and gentle hand quickly won her     |
|the hearts, and more importantly, the devotion, of many followers    |
|in the early days of the Jihad.  It was that power base which allowed|
|Her to remain one of the only Powers to not have to form a Pantheon  |
|alliance.  She remains a monolithic presence in the Realms.          |
|                                                                     |
|She and Her followers bear forth the fruits of civilization: Truth,  |
|Justice, Freedom and Equality.  She devoutly defends the downtrodden,|
|and gives grace to the weak.  Her Avatar in the Mortal Realms was an |
|Elf-maid of surpassing beauty, not seen except by Her highest        |
|priests,and paladins in nearly a millennia, and yet Her gentle power |
|reaches out to bless Her most humble followers.                      |
|								      |
|In battle, the followers of Everen are fierce foes, made more        |
|terrible by their mercy and grace.  Never even did the DreamWeaver   |
|of Kyldiss conjure such horrible visions of killing with kindness as |
|the followers of Everen have on their holy crusade to make Her       |
|the sole Power of the Realms.                                        |
|								      |
|Should Everen win the Jihad, the world will be dominated by Light,   |
|and Justice, and the great cities will flourish with equality to all |
|citizens.                                                            |
|								      |
|                                                                     |
|                                To this Writ I set my Hand,          |
|                                Jarrod Melshimber, Servant of Truth, |
|                                Witness of the Ages, and             |
|                                Seer of Kyldiss.                     |