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help > locate
War Command  :   locate
Syntax       :   locate target or locate vortex - single use
             :   locate target 2 or locate vortex 2 - every round
             :   locate - to end
Example      :   locate vortex
             :   locate macenion
             :   locate vortex 2
Locate is a command available to every player in a field war.  It will
tell you, generally, where another player is or where the vortex is.
Directions are given in terms of east/west and north/south of your 
location.  Locate will also tell you about how far away the target is.
Locate target 2 will continuously report the direction and distance 
to the target until turned off with the "locate" command.  

See also: "war", "war2", war3", and "vortex"