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help > spells > trueseeing
Spell        :   Trueseeing
Class        :   Wu-Jen
Sphere       :   Spirit
Level        :   2
Cost         :   10
Spell Type   :   Utility
Casting Time :   1 round
Syntax       :   cast trueseeing <target>
Examples     :   cast trueseeing
                 cast trueseeing ninereeds

This spell allows a Wu-Jen to endow the ability of trueseeing on
someone.  While this person has trueseeing, whenever they _actively_
look they will be able to see almost anything.  This spell will not
work passively, so will not provide protection against stealing and
backstabbing.  The chance of success and the amount of truesight is
dependent on the level of the spell.  The spell will also expire
after a duration, which is dependent on the level of the spell.