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help > spells > familiar
Spell        :   Familiar
Class        :   Witch, Wu-Jen
Sphere       :   Spirit
Level        :   1
Cost         :   50
Casting Time :   1 round
Syntax       :   cast familiar <type>
Examples     :   cast familiar
                 cast familiar rat
                 cast familiar frog
                 cast familiar crow
                 cast familiar long <describe>

This spell summons up a "familiar" to help its caster. The strength
of the familiar is dependant upon the success of the spell.
Familiars are generally small animals that help the caster by
carrying things and fighting beside him.

Familiars can do just about anything a player can do.

Controlling a Familiar:
   To control a familiar, simply type 'f' followed by the command.
   i.e. fgrin, fkill guard, fnorth, etc.

Special Commands:
   fstat              - display the vital statistics of the familiar.
   fcome              - bring the familiar to you and have it follow
                        you around.
   fstay              - have the familiar stop following you.
   frelay             - toggle whether or not the familiar tells you
                        what it sees.
   fguard             - toggle whether or not the familiar will fight
                        beside you.
   fscram             - dismiss the familiar.
   fbrief             - toggle brief mode for the familiar.
   flogic             - toggle whether the familiar will automatically 
                        perform skills / spells by themselves.
   fmanashare <on/off>- toggle the mana pool your familiar uses.

Valid familiar types are:
    owl  rat  lizard  frog  snake  crow  cat

Your familiar will send you tells based on its status that will be
the same color you have designated for receiving tells from
players.  These are not real tells, and you will not reply to them
if you use the reply command.

You may also setenv fam_color 1 to colorize some of the messages
and the status of your familiar.

A player may only have one familiar (or other summon) summoned.