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help > spells > evil eye
Spell        :   Evil Eye
Class        :   Witch
Cost         :   20 / Varies (not adjustable)
Spell Type   :   Active / Passive
Casting time :   0 rounds
Syntax       :   cast evil eye [target]
             :   cast evil eye [all] target
             :   cast evil eye foes
             :   cast evil eye autotoggle
Curses the target with ill fortune; sometime in the near future one
of their actions will go seriously wrong, causing failure and injury.
A target who takes no actions will cause the curse to eventually
dissipate, but even moving or engaging in combat may cause the curse
to be unleashed.  This spell does not always start combat.

The "autotoggle" option allows the Witch to toggle a passive form of
the spell.  When enabled, any foe in combat with the Witch has a 
chance of haphazardly catching the Witch's malignant gaze.  If this 
occurs, the target will be cursed in the same manner as if "cast evil
eye" had been explicitly used against that foe.  The cost of this 
version of the spell varies based on the effectiveness of the
particular passive occurrence, capped at 20 spell points.  Please
note that activating the passive form of the spell does NOT prevent
the Witch from also using the active form at the same time.