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help > skills > command
Skill Name   :     Command
Based On     :     Intelligence
Subclass     :     Warlord
Cost         :     20 sp to deploy
                   15 sp to flank
                   0 sps for status
Syntax       :     do command option 'extra'
Examples     :     do command deploy
                   do command flank west
                   do command rally
                   do command status

This skill is the ability of the warlord to give his troops
a command to follow.  At the moment the possible commands are:

Flank:  Sets the troops to attempt to stop passage while retreating.
        Takes one round.
Deploy: Sets the troops to counterattack if the warlord is attacked.
        Takes 5 rounds.
Rally:  Summons the troops. Takes 3 rounds and 10 sp.
Status: Check the status of the troops. This is instant and free.