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help > scavenger hunts

*                            SCAVENGER HUNTS                             *

What they are : Tsunami Scavenger Hunts are a competitive event designed
to test a player's knowledge of Tsunami as well as help them learn more 
about it.  Players who participate in Scavenger Hunts search for the items
on their personalized item list and turn them in for credit.

When they happen : Currently Scavenger Hunts are started at the discretion
of a Wizard.  After they have been around for a bit, they will be an 
automated event, similar to invasions.

How to join : When a Scavenger Hunt is started, visit the Scavenger Hunt
Headquarters, located <e,s,s,d,e> from CoT.  To join, type 'register'.
Scavenger Hunts have a countdown option available, set before the Hunt is
started.  If you come and register during the countdown period, your item
list will appear in your inventory when the Hunt really begins, whether
you are in the HQ or not.  If you register when the hunt has already 
begun, you will automatically receive your item list.  Some hunts have a
level range required to participate.  See the information below on the
'settings' command.

How to participate : Once you have your list, you search for items that 
have names that match those on your list exactly.  When you find one of 
the items, you return to the HQ and 'submit <item>'.  If the name matches,
that item will be checked off on your list.  The more items you find, the
better your score will be at the end of the hunt.  

Lost list : If you have lost your list by quitting or some other means,
you may return to the Scavenger Hunt HQ and type 'request' to get a new
copy of your item list.  Your progress will be saved for the hunt you
are currently on.

Getting new lists : If you have registered and received a list that you
believe is too difficult for you, you can request a new list, but at a
price.  For each new list you request, you are given credit for one less
found item at the end of the hunt for the purposes of calculating your
score.  However, if you can only find one item on your list anyways, this
can come in handy.  To receive a new list, type 'request new list' in
the Scavenger Hunt HQ.

When it ends : Scavenger Hunts have a lot of flexibility and so can end 
multiple ways.  A hunt may end when a certain number of people finish 
collecting all the items on their list, when a timelimit is reached, or
at the discretion of a Wizard.  To view this information as well as other
details about the current hunt, type 'settings' in the Scavenger Hunt HQ.

Scores and prizes : Your score is determined by the number of items you
successfully submit in a hunt.  For each new list request, you will be
given credit for one less find.  From the end total, your score is 
generated.  The points rewarded go up exponentially based on number of
credited items, from 1 find worth 15 points up to all 10 worth 1000 
points.  These points will determine the exp rewarded.  In order to
receive your reward, you must be logged on at the time the Scavenger
Hunt ends.  Also, if you are able to find all 10 items in a hunt, you will 
be rewarded on submission of the last item with a random MageWar card, if 
you have a MageWar album.  See 'help magewar' for more details.

Top list : In the Scavenger Hunt HQ, there is a plaque on the wall that
tracks the details of those who participate in Scavenger Hunts.  Type 
'plaque' in the HQ to see the different ways the results can be checked.
The plaque will update automatically at the end of each Scavenger Hunt.

Channel info : When you register for a Scavenger Hunt, you are turned
onto the Scavenger Hunt channel automatically.  This is a good place to
ask other players for help in finding items that you don't know.  To
talk on this line, type 'scav <message>'.

Other info : Besides using the 'settings' command in the HQ, you may type
'time' to see the remaining time for a Scavenger Hunt, as well as the 
remaining countdown period.  If no time is shown, there is not an active
hunt going on.  The Scavenger Hunt HQ has been made a place where 
aggressive actions are not permitted, so for those who might try it, 
don't think about robbing someone else's finds for yourself.  One of the
options for Scavenger Hunts is everyone having a randomly generated item
list (default), or everyone having the same exact list.  This will be 
shown in the 'settings' command in the HQ.  If an item name is too
long for your item list, it will be truncated and surrounded by [ ].
Type 'huntlist <itemnumber>' to display the item's full name.

If you have any questions and/or suggestions, feel free to drop Magius a
mudmail.  Enjoy!

Note: There are many items in Tsunami that have almost identical names.  
The lists are being carefully generated to match items that really exist 
as shown.  If you believe an item is listed incorrectly after searching 
around, please bug it, attention Magius, and it will be reviewed as soon 
as possible.