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help > damage

     Any living thing on tsunami can take damage.  This damage is measured by
your hit points.  You may check how much damage you have taken with the 'hp'
command.  When you are reduced to -1 hp, you die.  The same applies to any of
the non-player characters you will encounter.  

     Damage can come in a variety of different ways; and because of this, there
are several different types of injury that you may experience during your career
as a player.

     The most common types of damage come from the weapons used by characters
and monsters.  These include slashing, piercing, blunt, unarmed, clawing and
biting damage. Although this list is by no means extensive with regards to
physical attacks.  You will likely discover other types.  

     As you learn more and discover either by playing or fighting characters
with more specialized or magical weapons, there are several other types as well.
One can experience magic, fire, shock, acidic, cold, poison, psychic, holy,
sonic, light, and other forms of damage as well.

     Since some of these types of damage can cut through the strongest of
armour, or even destroy the armour completely, consider well the character you
will build. You will hopefully develop strategies and skills that will assist
you in resisting the effects of these.

For a list of damage types, see 'help damagelist'
To view these, 'help damage <damagetype>'
See also: help hp