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The clans are as follows.

Strahd von Zarovich: Strahd is a master of deception.  His abilities to
   both deceive the senses of mortals is just as legendary as his ability
   to deceive their minds.  Vampires of Clan Strahd are particularly
   adept at dominating the weak when they take the time to concentrate
   upon this task.

   Clan disciplines: Obfuscate, Presence, Protean
   Clan strength: Sharp fangs (+30 bleed)
   Clan weakness: Weak (Triple cost of Potence)

Vlad Dracula: Dracula is a ferocious warlord but also the most human
   among five lords. He has not yet accepted that he is an undead
   monster and therefore prefers the human appearance over beast. He
   rigorously trains his minions to dominate lesser beings through
   force of strength, speed and pure resilience. His combat prowess
   is great indeed.

   Clan disciplines: Potence, Celerity, Fortitude
   Clan strength: Combat training (+10 combat)
   Clan weakness: Civilized (triple cost of Protean)

Rhyser, the Beast Lord: Rhyser's instinctual mind combined with his
   vampiric power to exhibit shapeshifting powers unknown to others.
   The beast form of Rhyser vampires are considered to be extremely deadly.
   However, vampires of Clan Rhyser are unable to control the
   minds of mortals as effectively as their kin.  This may be due to
   their primitive natures, lack of practice, or that they simply
   don't care.

   Clan disciplines: Obfuscate, Celerity, Protean
   Clan strength: Shapeshift mastery (+10 shapeshift)
   Clan weakness: Simple-minded (triple cost of Presence)

Kronos, the Patriarch: Kronos is widely regarded as the oldest vampire in
   existence.  His age has given him tremendous strength, a majestic aura
   and his fortitude is rivaled by none. Ages of time has taught him
   patience and to carefully think each action through before acting.

   Clan disciplines: Potence, Fortitude, Presence
   Clan strength: Resilient (+20 toughness)
   Clan strength: Strong (bonus damage to first mighty blow in a round)
   Clan weakness: Slow (triple cost of Celerity)

Phobos, the Scourge:  Phobos combined his terrifying visage with the
   unholy power of his vampiric form to bring new levels of fear to
   mortals. Such is his desire to cause terror that he refuses to
   hide from the sight of man.

   Clan disciplines: Presence, Celerity, Fortitude
   Clan strength: Scary (+20 intimidate)
   Clan strength: Indomitability (+10 resistance)
   Clan weakness: Pride (triple cost of Obfuscate)