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help > skills > position
Skill        :   Position
Class        :   Aurumvorax       
Cost         :   0
Skill Type   :   Active / Passive
Casting time :   0 rounds
Stats Base   :   Strength and Dexterity
Difficulty   :   Level 0
Syntax       :   do position [position]     
Examples     :   do position (defaults to natural)
             :   do position natural
                 do position upright
                 do position prowl

With eight muscled legs, the Aurumvorax can opt to stand
in three different positions.  Naturally, the beast stays on all
eight legs, allowing it to move more efficiently when wounded, but
only permitting it to attack with its teeth and two legs.  It may
switch to an upright position, which grants up to four potential leg
attacks per round, but exposes the creature's belly.  While 
standing upright, an Aurumvorax may use fury.  If the 'prowl'
option is chosen, the beast will lower itself to the ground, 
gaining some degree of silentwalk.  In this alert position, the
Aurumvorax's awareness is heightened, but its attacking is reduced
due to the constraints of the position.  Pouncing or colliding from
the prowling position will generally make the attack more
See also: help skills collide, help skills fury, help skills pounce