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help > skills > consume
Skill        :     Consume
Class        :     Aurumvorax
Cost         :     0
Skill Type   :     Active
Casting time :     0
Syntax       :     do consume [self, coins, gold] [amount] [store]
Examples     :     do consume
             :     do consume 150      (defaults to 'self')
             :     do consume self     (consume coins carried)
             :     do consume coins 99 (consume coins on ground)
             :     do consume gold     (consume gold vein)
             :     do consume 80 store (consume, but store gold)

In order to consume gold, an Aurumvorax utilizes this
skill.  With its dense, powerful jaws and teeth, the beast mashes
any gold to a physical state which its stomach is able to digest.
This will heal the Aurumvorax and contribute to its growth.  If a
gold vein (gold option) is digested, it works to strengthen your 
current vein bonus.  This bonus is based on in what type of
climate the creature most often consumes gold veins.  Consuming
gold veins does NOT heal spell points.  Just typing 'do
consume' will default to self-consumption (you may supply an
amount to consume as well).  Leaving the amount blank will result
in the consumption of a random amount of the target.

If "store" is included as the last parameter to the skill, the
gold will be attempted to be stored rather than immediately used.
Growth benefits are still immediately gained (that is, the gold
amount is added to the beast's total amount consumed if
possible), but healing is delayed.  Instead, when the Aurumvorax
is wounded, it will draw on its stored reserves to heal.  By
allowing the gold to take time to process, greater amounts of
healing will generally occur.  Furthermore, gold veins WILL heal
spell points and will still grant possible vein bonuses when
stored.  Unfortunately, dying or quitting will empty any stored
reserves the beast is stomaching.

When the beast consumes more gold than is necessary towards the
achievement of its next growth stage, it is added to 'extra 
amount consumed.'  This factors in along with 'total amount
consumed' towards a bonus to the pounce and collide skills
(both which logically rely on the weight of the beast).

This ability may ONLY be used to consume GOLD VEINS during WARS.
See also: help aurumgrowth, help consumed, help skills collide,
          help skill pounce