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help > skills > carve
Skill       :   Carve
Skill Type  :   Active
Cost        :   20 sp
Casting time:   3 rounds / 1 during war
Stats Base  :   Mostly Dexterity, some Intelligence
Classes     :   Hunter, Medusa
Syntax      :   do carve <arrow type/bow type>
Examples    :   do carve
            :   do carve barbed
            :   do carve ash

Using carve, one can create various types of bows and the arrows
to shoot from them. Both Hunter and Medusa can craft the various
arrow types. The types of arrows that can be crafted in this
fashion are:

    fire     -- these arrows inflict fire damage
    poison   -- these arrows inflict poison damage
    barbed   -- barbed arrows deal higher normal damage
    heavy    -- heavy arrows punch through armour

The arrows must be used with a bow. To fire the arrows, use the
following syntax:

    fire [type] [at <name>]
    Ex: fire fire at blah  or  fire poison at misery
Medusa, having mastered bows and arrows can 'autofire' arrows
on occasion. They can set their default type using the "autofire"
While different types of bows can also be created using carve,
only hunters have the skill and patience to craft them. The
following bow types may be crafted:

    ironoak -- very balanced, easy to use
    cherry  -- high velocity shots, high penetration rate
    ash     -- supple, quicker rate of fire
    yew     -- higher accuracy from long range