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help > prayers > sandstorm
Prayer       :   Sandstorm 
Class        :   Manticore
Cost         :   30
Casting time :   1
Difficulty   :   Level 1
Syntax       :   pray sandstorm 
Examples     :   pray sandstorm

Manticores are blessed with this ability by their gods upon
sufficiently pleasing them.  The Manticore is then able to summon
a sandstorm in desert terrain whose power is only bolstered by
building up the sands in an area.  The sandstorm rages about
without control but seems drawn to desert terrain.  Those trapped
in the sandstorm will find it difficult to move and see.  Certain
beings such as Mummies and Manticores are completely immune to
these effects and other desert beings will find themselves

Once summoned, the Manticore retains no control over the
sandstorm though it does appear to disperse faster the further
it is away from the summoner.  However, this lack of control means
that the sandstorm's negative effects will also effect allies
of the summoner.
See: help manticore