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help > spells > static
Spell        :   Static
Class        :   Wu-Jen
Sphere       :   Air
Level        :   5
Cost         :   20
Spell Type   :   Area effect
Casting Time :   1 round
Syntax       :   cast static <target>
                 cast static all <target>
                 cast static foes
                 cast static mod foes
Examples     :   cast static
                 cast static all
                 cast static shockwave
                 cast static +20 shockwave

Wu-Jen who have mastered the magical sphere of air can conjure an
electrifying array of static sparks around their foes.  Those that
are caught in the field of static electricity will find themselves
uncomfortable leaving them very vulnerable to attacks drawn from the
elemental planes of air, fire, cold, as well as vulnerable to light
type damage, and making them more vulnerable to certain types of melee
attacks such as piercing and slashing attacks.

The spells power is split between all targets.
See also: spell dessicate