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help > spells > shadowwalk
Spell        :   Shadowwalk
Class        :   Deathknight
Cost         :   20
Spell Type   :   Teleportation
Casting Time :   3 rounds
Syntax       :   cast shadowwalk <destination>
                 cast shadowwalk setdest <name>
                 cast shadowwalk cleardest <name>
                 cast shadowwalk nuke dests
Examples     :   cast shadowwalk setdest cot
                 cast shadowwalk cleardest ninjafly
                 cast shadowwalk cot
                 cast shadowwalk cleardest demon
This spell will allow the deathknight to completely meld
with the shadows and travel through the realm of Death.

This is a transportation spell, that can only be used to
teleport the deathknight to preset destinations.

The deathknight may only travel through the realm of Death
in his incorporeal form.

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          help spells teleport
          help skills incorporeality