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help > spells > prismatic orb
Spell        :   Prismatic Orb
Class        :   Beholder       
Cost         :   30 (non-adjustable)
Casting time :   2 rounds
Syntax       :   cast prismatic orb
Examples     :   cast prismatic orb 

Prismatic orb creates a floating sphere of colored light in
the room the caster is in. Once created, this sphere will
periodically cycle through colors at random, and also 
periodically shoot a beam of light at a random, valid target
in the room. The type of damage the light does is dependent
on the color of the orb at that given time. The orb is very
well-behaved and will stay put provided its "master" is
present in the room with it, but once the master leaves there
is no telling where it will float off to. The orb causes a
great deal of stress on the magical energy of Tsunami and
therefore, the caster can only create one orb in a room.
If another orb belonging to the caster happens to float into
said room, one of the orbs will have its magic nullified.
The caster can also 'cancel' the orb if he/she is present
in the room with the orb.