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help > spells > horde
Spell           :   Horde
Cost         :   Free (Ability)
Cast Time    :   3 rounds
Example      :   cast horde [[ability] [applicable targets]]

Summary: This skill is tied to the Necrotic Aura class feature and is used to summon a horde of lesser undead to assist the Scourgelord in death?s
errand. Note that the strength of the horde is tied directly to: (1) The current strength of the necrotic aura; (2) The current health of the horde.

Note 1: Once summoned the horde will automatically grow as you play. You do not need to resummon the horde even after hours of play. It will
automatically progress as your aura grows.

Note 2: The Scourgelord?s necrotic aura represents the horde?s maximum effectiveness. As the horde takes damage its effectiveness is reduced. As that
damage is mended (the horde has an out-of-combat regen rate) their effectiveness will return.

Note 3: The horde cannot truly be killed so long as the Scourgelord lives though they can be weakened to the point of uselessness.

Note 4: The ?levels? of abilities are based upon the hordes effective level and not the Scourgelords. You could receive the abilities before or after
the player level indicated based upon your necrotic aura.

Note 5: The horde will greedily devour the corpse of any of the Scourgelord?s foes they have a part in killing. The only way to generate a corpse is
to: (1) Not have a horde out or (2) Kill them remotely via greater undead ghoul/shadow.

Note 6: Horde level is currently capped at player_level+2 regardless of your Necrotic Aura.

Horde Abilities
Regeneration (Level 1): 'cast horde regen'; The horde typically regens 1% of its missing health per round outside of combat. Activating this ability
maintains that heal in combat
and additionally provides it with a chance to receive bonus healing outside of combat. Costs 5 sp per "tick" when the extra healing is provided.

Fetid Claws (Level 1): The horde?s diseased claws will sometimes do additional poison damage.

Toughness (Level 1): The nature of the horde surrounds the Scourgelord with undead minions. Getting to a Scourgelord requires passing through the
horde and as such the Scourgelord is conferred toughness when the horde is active (this is viewable via ?skills full?).

Defense (Level 3): The horde is now great enough in number to provide a more active level of defense. Oftentimes blows against the Scourgelord will be
partially deflected by members of the horde. This damages the horde but also reduces damage to the scourge lord.

Note 1: You can toggle this on and off with ?cast horde defense?.

Note 2: When this ability is gained if toggled ?off? the horde gains a static bonus to attacking, combat and ravenous (when earned). Generally
speaking, the bonus is not worth the loss of defensive ability when fighting above your weight class.

Note 3: Horde will never defend: Sonic, Psychic, and Drown.

Mob (Level 8): The horde possesses undead of sufficient number and quality to harry foes so that its difficult to leave the room.

Note 1: The Scourgelord can ?cast horde mob [target]? which puts the Horde ?on alert? for 5 rounds. If the target comes into the room the Horde will
attempt to harry them for three rounds.

Note 2: If the target enters the room and has stealth the mob will check awareness vs stealth to see if it can mob the target.

Note 3: The horde has terrible awareness. Brace for backstabbing.

Ravenous (Level 10): The horde is quite numerous and always very hungry. A horde of this size has trouble satiating itself and becomes ?ravenous?
which has two effects.

Note 1: A Scourgelord can ?cast horde ravenous [target] or [all]? and incite them to blood lust granting a number of attacks against the selected

Note 2: The sight of a wounded foe can also incite them to become ravenous on their own. The more wounded a foe is the more likely that the horde will
?ravenous? on its own.

Note 3: The auto ravenous explained in note 2 will target a single foe if fighting one foe. If fighting multiple foes the nature of the horde is not a
very strategic one and so they will often begin engaging every valid target in the room when there are multiple foes involved.

Note 4: It?s not a ?bug? its a ?feature?: Sometimes when you kill a single target a horde, if ravenous, will attack the next closest valid target
which can be precarious for a wounded Scourgelord facing mighty foes.

Shadows (Level 15): The horde is now powerful enough to attract non-corporeal undead. Curious shadows will entwine themselves with the horde and
sometimes attack when the opportunity presents itself. Draining the life of a foe and nourishing the Scourgelord.

Note 1: Shadow has a standard proc rate that is modified by: (1) The Horde?s toughness value vs (2) The opponent?s resistance value. Shadows prefer to
feel safe and attack foes weak with their draining attacks. Looking for feedback on the proc rate (is it too high?)

Note 2: Because its a proc there is not currently a cap on the amount of healing. They currently provide half of their damage as healing. Looking for
feedback on the healing rate (is it too high?)

Banshees (Level 16): The horde is now heralded by a choir of banshees. These banshees will rise up in the midst of combat and sing their carols of
sorrow to your foes.

Note 1: Banshees have a standard proc rate that is modified by (1) The Horde?s combat value vs (2) The target?s resistance value. Banshees are
inspired to sing when the horde greatly over matches its foe and prefers to sing to those who are weak willed.