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help > spells > enchant
Spell		:     Enchant
Class		:     Enchanters
Cost		:     20
Casting Time	:     2
Component       :     crystal
Syntax		:     cast enchant <item>
                      cast enchant sword
                      cast enchant all

An Enchanter may harness the mystical energies
of the land, and imbue them into functional objects.
The Enchanter can either choose to enchant a piece
of armour, or a weapon.  The effectiveness of the
armour/weapon greatly increases with each 
subsequent enchantment.  Unfortunately, the energies
are loath to remain bound, and will dissipate with time.

The enchant all option requires that you have one
crystal per worn/wielded items, and it also
requires an Orb with at least 25%.  During a war,
this option costs 100 sps.  The all option will attempt
to enchant everything at once, this is a more expensive
route, but time saving and has a slightly higher
chance of success.

Enchantments cost 10sps during wars.