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help > spells > dispel magic
Spell        :   Dispel Magic
Class        :   Wu-Jen
Sphere       :   Spirit
Level        :   4
Cost         :   20
Casting Time :   1 round
Syntax       :   cast dispel magic
             :   cast dispel <target>
Examples     :   cast dispel magic temudjin
             :   cast dispel magic room
             :   cast dispel magic sword

A Wu-Jen master of the Spirit may attempt to abolish any enchantment
he encounters.  If he dispels magic on himself he will rid himself of
all enchantments.  Casting dispel magic on another, an item, or the
room, is resisted and not all the enchantments may end.  Any charmed
creature, teammate, or party member is considered an ally of the
Wu-Jen and will co-operate with the dispelling, this enables to
Wu-Jen to purge them of magic entirely as well.

A non ally may "permit dispel" for the Wu-Jen and thus be treated
similairly as a regular ally.

Dispel Magic cannot be aimed at any given enchantment.  Either all, 
none, or a random selection of the available enchantments will
be negated by the casting of this spell.  This spell does not
differentiate between helpful and harmful enchantments, it seeks to
abolish all enchantments.  An enchantment is any lingering effect
produced by a spell, song, or prayer.  This does not include any 
summoned or conjured items, or creatures.