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help > spells > bid
Spell        :     Bid
Class        :     Dracolich
Cost         :     20 + phylactery energy
Skill Type   :     Active
Casting time :     0 rounds
Syntax       :     cast bid <target> to (<action> | flee | unwield |
Examples     :     cast bid zombie to kill comanche
                   cast bid vampire to stop

     Lesser undead are prey to the manipulative will of the 
Dracolich.  Using this spell, the Dracolich attempts to force an
undead being to do its bidding.  Undead, and only undead, may be 
affected.  If the command issued is anything other than flee,
unwield, or stop, the target will be empowered with unholy energy 
from the Dracolich's phylactery.  This power will aid the target in 
carrying out the Dracolich's bidding.  Players are completely immune 
to the Dracolich's commands.

     This spell has an above average drain on the Dracolich's 

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