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help > skills > immolate
Skill        :   Immolate
Class        :   Changeling
Cost         :   5
Skill Type   :   Passive
Casting Time :   0
Difficulty   :   Level 0
Stats Base   :   Intelligence, Consitution
Syntax       :   do immolate
Examples     :   do immolate (if immolated, turns it off) 
The balrog is an incarnation of flame and death; as such, it is able
to surround itself with fire by pure will alone.  The longer the
balrog stands in an area, the more the flame will ignite natural and
even unnatural objects, causing damage to living beings nearby.

The flame of the balrog can only be sustained by the balrog's will 
for a short period until it ends and the balrog must re-immolate.
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