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help > death
The land of Tsunami is filled with danger, and chances are that eventually
someone (or something!) will kill you, in some messy and horrible fashion.  
The main threats to your life come from monsters and other players Once
you are dead, your main concern should be your journey back to life.
There are currently two ways to achieve this.  You may choose to return
through a local temple or be resurrected by a friendly player.

***                  *******************************                    ***
*** Players less than level 6 receive no experience penalty from dying. ***
***                  *******************************                    ***

Praying at the temple:
Once you are dead and in ghost form you may use the 'hearth temple' command
and get transported to main town temple. Once there, the 'pray' command
can be used to bring yourself back to life.

Resurrection by a player:
Players with a some of resurrection prayers may also aid in your return
to life. Resurrection prayers have the ability to not only bring you back
to life, but through the caster's link with their god, also further reduce
the experience penalty for dying.  It is highly recommended that you set
your "permit" list for resurrection accordingly (by default this is set to
not allow resurrections).  

Loss of equipment, items, and money:
When you die, all your worn and wielded equipment will be transferred to
your ghost form, but all your coins, heals, backpacks, and collected items
will remain on the corpse and be lootable.  As a ghost, you may locker
or safe any equipment you currently carry.  You can then quit, and your 
unlockerable/unsafeable equipment will now fall to the ground.  This is 
just like a normal quit.

PK standing:
If you die to another player, your PK standing will go down an amount equal
to your level, and your killer's pk standing will go up an amount equal to
your level.

See also: permit, pk