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help > skills > spin
Skill        :   Spin
Class        :   Spider
Cost         :   30 sps (no modifiers)
Stats        :   Dexterity and Intelligence
Casting Time :   3 rounds
Difficulty   :   Level 2
Syntax       :   do spin
Examples     :   do spin laradon
             :   do spin enemy
             :   do spin corpse

Spiders are able to wrap the living, and corpses in silken cocoon.
Wrapping up a player or monster will hold them until they are
attacked, if the spin is successful.  Spinning a corpse preserves
its nutrients, thus granting a better heal.  The corpse will
not decay, and the amount that it heals is based on the 
vitality of the deceased.  To feed on the cocoon, type
'feed on cocoon'. Looking at the cocoon will tell you 
the amount of sustenance remaining within the cocoon, as
described by its temperature, ranging from hot to cold. If you
have recently fed off of a cocoon, it will be dry until more
of the remains can be digested within it.
The spider spins corpses at no cost.